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About Us

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  Newstar(Flyliveen Health) is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Disposable Hygiene Personal Care products with 8 years history, located in Quanzhou,Fujian,China. It belongs to Newstar Group,which is in business of Building material,Clothing,Shoes,Crafts & Arts and so on.
  Our products include 3ply Masks, KN95, N95,face shield,Protective Gown,Surgical Gown,gloves,Isolation Gown and more Anti-Virus products.
  Our products had been exported to over 60 countries and areas, Such as Europe,UK, USA, and more countries, with FDA registration,and other special documents required by different markets.
  We have a high-quality professional team. It is required to be innovation-oriented for us in this market from the product development, production, planning and marketing teams! Our quality control goes through every detail of the production including advocating quality control, raw materials inspection, picking materials disinfection, production control, process management, final inspection, safety storage and other parts, the pursuit of supremacy consistent high-quality standard in production is the tenet our enterprise.
    The company will always insist on “to survive by high quality and reputation, to develop by pragmatic and innovation”, and dedication to provide customers with high-quality products and services 
  We will dedicate to provide customers for efficient services, allowing our customers to have a comprehensive experience of our products and make sure each product can be delivered to the people in need. 
  Now Covid-19 is effecting our life, we need fight together to beat it.

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Newstar Group (Flyliveen Health )
Address: 623 Guomao Global Mall Fengze Quanzhou FJ China
Whatsapp: +86 13850799496
Email: hello@newstarppe.com
Wechat: kob002

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